Dynamic Simulation of Energy Systems.

LTX Simulation GmbH specializes in the energy analysis of technical systems. Located in Munich, we leverage modern simulation technology for industrial engineering applications.

In research and development projects, we concentrate on thermodynamic processes, e.g. in HVAC applications or power plants.

LTX develops complex mathematical models and corresponding customized software.

Time-dependent interaction with controllers is crucial for modern products and industrial plants. For analyzing these complex systems, we build integrated simulations of mechanical, electrical, thermal, hydraulic, pneumatic and chemical processes together with dynamic control behavior.

We provide modeling and simulation services for specific system components as well as complete systems. Additionally, we develop customized software solutions, e.g. for pre- and post-processing tasks.

Customers benefit from existing modeling know-how and Modelica simulation tools.

Our models are mostly based on the open-source modeling language Modelica and the Modelica-based simulation tool Dymola.

In order to leverage existing modeling know-how, we distribute Modelica Libraries developed by specialized developers and research institutes.

We provide technical support and consulting for the simulation tool Dymola. Additionally, we offer specialized consulting and comprehensive training classes.

Training Classes on Dymola and Modelica

Training class (in German, in Munich)
"Multi-domain modeling and simulation with Modelica and Dymola"

April 16 - 17, 2024  |  Autumn 2024

Kursinhalt (PDF)   -   Registration (email)

Training Class (in German or in English on request, Online)
"Introduction to Modelica and Dymola"
November 05 - 08, 2024

Agenda (PDF)   -   Registration (email)

Training Class (in German or in English on request)
"DLR Visualization Library and Modelica MultiBody"
Dates on request.

Agenda (PDF)   -   Registration (email)

Distributor for Dymola

We are distributing the simulation tool Dymola of Dassault Systèmes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
LTX supports its customers at selection, bildup and optimization of their system simulation solutions based on Modelica, FMI and Dymola.

We are gladly available for questions, pricing information and offers.

Distributor for Modelica Libraries

We are distributing the following Modelica Libraries around the world:
Actuator Library (DLR)
AlternativeVehicles Library (DLR)
Belts Library (Frank Rettig)
EDrives Library (Haumer und Kral)
EWITAC Library (DLR)
FlexibleBodies Library (DLR)
FluidDynamics Library (XRG)
HumanComfort Library (XRG)
HVAC Library (XRG)
Hydronics Library (XRG)
PowerTrain Library (DLR)
Statistics Library (Fraunhofer IIS EAS)
TIL Suite (TLK-Thermo)
Visualization Library (DLR)

Modelica Libraries Catalog

Download (PDF)

Local distributors: Claytex (UK, Ireland, Benelux and South Africa), Dofware (Italy), SimTek (China)

For questions and quotes, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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  • We simulate energy systems.
  • We develop complex mathematical models.
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